Monday, April 4, 2011

Rooting the pad.

For those who are new to the concept of rooting you can check up this link:
1. Download version 1.7 of Super One Click from here . Some users have reported issues with the latest version, but previous versions can be found in the thread.

2. Place your Android device into debugging mode, and connect to computer.

3. Right-click the Super One Click executable and select 'Run As Administrator'.

4. At program launch select select 'Root'.

5. If there is no activity for more than 30 seconds and the terminal display is stuck at 'Running rageagainstthecage....' remove the USB plug momentarily and plug back in.

6. You should get the message “***IF IT KEEPS LOOPING, TRY DISABLING USB DEBUGGING NOW***” followed by an ADB reset, waiting for device, and finally a successful rooting message. (Apparently the looping issue is a known bug).

7. Once this process is complete your prompted to test the root condition. Follow the steps to verify.

Now you can install apps which require root access such as Titanium Backup,Root Explorer, RomManager etc.

Alternative Method:
Download an app called GingerbreakAPK from here. Although its meant for Gingerbread, users claim it works for Olive pad also.


  1. Hi,
    I am having trouble following the steps here..

    Firstly, the olivepad can only be connected if the sd card is in the device. I cannot unmount the sd card from options since the option gets grayed out.

    Secondly, I always get stuck at the first "waiting for device" step.

    Also, what's run from CD-ROM?

    I tried 1.5.5 1.6.x and 1.9.x versions.

    Could you please help me out here. Would be grateful if you could mail me too @ miltonben (at) gmail . com


  2. when you connect your tab to the PC,a Drive called CD-ROM can be seen in My Computer.Double click it and a program will load up asking you to sync with the device.After the setup try again.Also make sure that usb debugging is enabled in Settings>Applications>Development.

  3. Hey, thanks a lot. I managed to continue with the root. But now I am unable to enter recovery mode no matter what. I have ClockWork Rom Manager. Yet I am unable to do anything. And it seems busy box failed to instal :-( were you succesful with rooting ur system.

  4. Congrats on rooting your phone:)
    how do boot into recovery? and how exactly are you trying to install busybox?You can use the busybox installer available on the android market

  5. :-( it still doesn't work fine.. first of all, it doesn't root properly, because after completing the rageagainstthecage step it just fails to create any directory for pushing the necessary su and busybox.
    And I try to enter the recovery mode by pressing the volume buttons and power button simultaneously, but it just hangs at the entering Recovery mode screen. no buttons work. I am forced to reset from there.

  6. I have updated the Rooting Guide.Please verify if its working.

  7. Nope :-( Ginger break did not work well for me. Though it says rooted, when trying to use CWM recovery, it says, could not find su anywhere..

    There are some issues I am facing :

    Listing them here

    1) I tried rooting my pad using superoneclick, and somehow managed to root it. However, it could not perform a copy and install of busybox or superuser.apk. (please see below the trace picked from superoneclick).
    I used Check Root and saw that I had root, but busy box wasn't installed. In spite of that, I loaded some apps that required root and checked whether they worked, and they did.
    BUT: I somehow am not able to boot into recovery mode at all. I had found this after installing CWM and creating a rom backup. But since I am unable to reboot into recovery, either through any apps, or by using the vol buttons and power button, I am unable to flash my system, and also unable to restore factory settings :(

    Message from superoneclick (these are recent tries, now I am unable to even root the system)
    Note: I even tried ginger break app, but apps don't usually get root access..

    SuperOneClick v1.6.5.0
    Killing ADB Server...


    Starting ADB Server...
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *


    Waiting for device...


    Pushing rageagainstthecage...
    202 KB/s (5392 bytes in 0.026s)


    chmod rageagainstthecage...


    Running rageagainstthecage...

    Pushing busybox...
    1033 KB/s (1062992 bytes in 1.004s)


    chmod busybox...


    Getting mount path...

    Reading OS Version properties...
    Version: 2.2

    Remounting system with read-write access...


    Pushing su-v2...
    failed to copy 'D:\SOC\su-v2' to '/system/bin/su': No space left on device


    chmod su...
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory


    Creating /system/xbin...
    mkdir failed for /system/xbin, File exists


    Copying busybox (/system/xbin/)...
    cp: write error: No space left on device


    Pushing Superuser.apk...
    failed to copy 'D:\SOC\Superuser.apk' to '/system/app/Superuser.apk': No space left on device


    Pushing Superuser.apk... (/data/app)
    failed to copy 'D:\SOC\Superuser.apk' to '/data/app/Superuser.apk': Permission denied


    Remounting system with read-only access...


    Running a SU test...
    Test failed!
    ro.product.model=V-T100 2.2 FRF91 5009_3_16R release-keys
    ro.product.locale.region=US Nov 26 04:47:41 CST 2010


    2) I have noticed that the OS partition of my system has only 32kb space remaining. Is this normal? What should I do here :-( Help...

    3) Finally, is there any way I can force reboot my system to flash to the rom backup I made, using any means? (i.e. pc adb etc) Is there any way I can force the system folders in?

    Note: I am moderately comfortable with Linux shell commands and terminology, Just in case I need to get my hands dirty, I'd be more than happy to (been long since I used Linux, and I am not proud of that fact :-( )

    Hope you can help

  8. this problem is easily solvable.32kb space is not enough for the su binary.You need to use root explorer or some similar app and go to system>media>audio>ringtone & delete some ringtones which you do not use.once you have enough space say 5MB then retry rooting your phone and installing busybox.
    as for Clockworkmod check out this link:
    Viewpad 7 is similar to Olivepad so dont worry :)

  9. hi
    i have been using the rom u had edited and posted @ xda its great man can u kindly give us some more i mean this one
    link :
    My xda id is haree

  10. and guys
    regarding the gingerbreak apk for rooting ur olivepad it works for me the superoneclick did not work and i tried the gingerbreak apk and bang one click it worked for me

  11. @Hariharan :- thanks for you advice, i have tried to root my olive pad using super one click but it doesn't worked. using gingerbreak it happened. I would really recommend it over super one click

  12. can i extend my olive pad's internal memory because always it gives a message "memory low"